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Welcome toTheraMail 

TheraMail is a selection of unique therapy kits that include tools and aids to help with mental health and well-being. 

TheraMail aims to bridge the gap between limited access to traditional therapy while empowering individuals with effective self-help resources for personal growth and well-being.


Throughout my years of practice, I have become increasingly concerned about the limited access to therapy for many individuals due to various reasons. This led me to create something that can provide similar tools and resources used in therapy sessions with my clients. While it is challenging to replace the effectiveness of talking therapy, I wanted to develop an alternative option that comes as close as possible. This motivation gave birth to TheraMail;


TheraMail is a comprehensive range of therapy resources designed to equip individuals with the necessary tools for self-aiding purposes. After trying numerous resources over time I have curated the best ones and consolidated them into one convenient platform. Navigating self-help and personal development can be overwhelming, therefore TheraMail simplifies this process by providing easy access to top-quality tools.


Therapy Kits

The kits are designed to target specific topics and age range. The products have been carefully thought out to give you the very best home therapy experience.

The kits can be purchased for yourself, your children or you may have a friend or family member that could benefit from some extra help. What an amazing gift TheraMail would make. 

Aromatherapy Oils

We only use doTERRA high quality essential oils in our products. The oils are pure and potent. 

Since 2008 families have experienced the life changing power of these essential oils by incorporating use of the doTERRA oils into their everyday lives. 

The aromatherapy oil industry is not regulated so it can often be difficult to know what oils are authentic. These oils are CPTG certified pure tested grade, the oils are held to the highest level of purity. 

I use these oils with my own family and I love and trust them. They have so many health benefits. 

Essential oils have a long history of safe and effective use, for everything from personal hygiene and cooking to emotional benefits and health benefits. The oils are absolutely safe enough to use at home for yourself and with your family. High-quality essential oils go through extensive purity testing to ensure safety.

The essential oils I use are soothing, calming and grounding.


Please take a look at the TheraMail shop, thanks for looking!

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