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Take a look at some of my recent testimonials. 

NR Aged 14

“I’ve been seeing Jodie for six months now, and it has already helped me a lot. She’s very easy to talk to and I feel I can trust her – which has helped me deal with things in my life. Jodie has good suggestions on how to cope: they’ve been very useful to me during difficult times & situations.”

FW Aged 17

“My counselling session so far have helped me so much, I was so stubborn about going or even looking for help but when i finally found Jodie I shocked myself on how much I can actually open up with myself and others. Each day since my counselling its so much easier and couldn’t ask for anyone better to help me.”

JS Aged 22

“Counselling with Jodie had helped me overcome issues I never thought I would. She is comforting and supportive, she listens to everything I say and advises me of different way of exploring situations. I would recommend Jodie to anyone looking for a friendly counsellor who offers understanding support and advice.”

LW Aged 20

“Jodie has really helped me become a healthier and happier person in my mental state, she has helped me to rationalise things and to work through my problems in a methodical way. She’s assisted me through many troubles, motivated me to work on various aspects of my life and I can now be comfortable again. Thank you”

SA Aged 27

I started seeing Jodie in August 2017. I was nervous about starting counselling, but as soon as I walked in the door Jodie made me feel at ease. She explained how she worked and was very clear about what I could expect from the sessions with her. I found it incredibly easy to talk about my issues with Jodie. She knew exactly when to just sit and listen, and exactly when some guidance or reassurance was required. I was even able to email Jodie a couple of times when I was really at a loss with my situation, and got an almost immediate reply, reassuring me that my actions were right. She constantly reminded me that I could not change what other people do, but I am in control of my actions and my feelings, and that I deserved to be happy. I stopped seeing Jodie in December and feel in a much happier and settled place in my life at the moment. I cannot thank Jodie enough for her help in what has been the most difficult time my life.

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